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Our mother company, CLEANVY CORPORATION is a Japanese washing machine maker for the automobile/electronic industry which have been established in 1995. Our product sales count up more than 3,600 units in the world in these 26 years. We have a factory and maintenance service office in 6 countries to serve the customers better. Please contact us to find the best solution for your washing process in your production.



CLEANVY series are our best selling cleaning system chosen by many global companies due to its high reliability in cleaning performance. Click here to get the brochure or scan below’s barcode.


CLOVA is a compact and low-cost model which adopts CLEANVY’s technology and experience. It can perform 4 processes, Rough Washing/Finish Washing/Vapor Rinsing/Vacuum Drying, in a single Bath. Its performance of degreasing and cleansing contaminants in your metal processing, etc., satisfies you the same as our full specification models. Click here to download the brochure or scan below’s QR Code.


If you want to save time in the maintenance of mold, our ELIOS is the best choice.

  • No need rubbing/brushing/scraping anymore,
  • Just put the mold into ELIOS and press the button,
  • Mold will be refreshed and shiny like a new,
  • Even a tough gas burn from injection will vanish in 10 – 30 min,
  • Combination with our original chemical promise,
  • Damage-Free and Time/Cost-Saving maintenance,
  • The test machine is available at our Bogor factory.

Click here to download the brochure or scan the below’s barcode.