Manufacturing Outlook: New Trends & Opportunities


COVID-19 has had a significant impact on manufacturing industries and markets. It affected values & behaviour as well as how products, solutions & services are seen and evaluated in addition to creating a temporary economic slowdown. This slowdown, however, also provided opportunities, as the industry was able to use the time to focus on projects that were halted, optimize processes using automation and digital solutions, and formulate a new business strategy. This complimentary webinar focused on mid-term actions and long-term opportunities in industrial manufacturing arising from these developments.

The webinar took place on Thursday, April 29th, 2021 at 2 pm (GMT+7). We discussed mid-term actions, long-term opportunities, offer business insight, show devices and solutions, and looked at how digitalization could help the industry in these trying times.

Key Take Away

How automation and digitalization could be used to your advantage. Information on mid-term actions and long-term opportunities affecting the manufacturing industry on several levels such as workforce, IT, technology, supplychain, markets, and many more.


Welcome and Introductions

Kartina Lydiawati


Marketing Communications Manager

Energy & Manufacturing Exhibitions, PT. Pamerindo Indonesia

Tune in, sit tight, and get yourself comfortable. Hosted by PT Pamerindo Indonesia, we will highlight the webinar agenda.

Fanky Christian


Chairman DPD APTIKNAS DKI Jakarta

Asosiasi Pengusaha Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi Nasional

The Chairman of DPD APTIKNAS DKI Jakarta, Mr. Fanky introduced you to the speakers and moderated the session including our talk show.

Industry View

Ir. Adhi Lukman Siswaja

Ketua Umum

Gabungan Produsen Makanan Minuman Indonesia (GAPMMI)

Key Topic:

The global food and beverage industry underwent an extraordinary change throughout this year, prompting many food industry leaders to re-evaluate the readiness of their organizations and business operations for 2021.

By knowing the current situation of the food manufacturing industry, organizations gained knowledge into how their operations stacked up to leading companies and uncovered key areas of focused for the coming year to maximize operational success.

We explored the newest findings of the Food and Beverage Industry Trends Report and discussed the implications of these trends for the coming year.

Industry Insights

Henry Threstanto

Technical Lead of Knox Solution IT & Mobile B2B

Samsung Electronics Indonesia

Topic Key Points:

– Samsung Knox solution and B2B services overview

– Enterprise mobility in the manufacturing and logistics industry

– How Samsung’s mobile devices and Knox management and security solution were being implemented in the manufacturing and logistics industry

– Samsung devices and Knox use cases in the manufacturing and logistics industry.

Industry Insights

Sonny Effendhi

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

PT Indolakto (Indomilk)

Topic Key Point:

Managing due diligence is a complex operation for companies in the scope of impactful supply chain legislation, as it requires a combination of expertise & technology. Mr. Effendhi illustrated this by providing examples from his own activities in the company he leads. He discussed how to perform these task effectively and shared best practises for enhancing supply chain data management as regulatory requirements continue to expand, which allowed him to save even more cost.



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