The New Era of Smart Factory


The concept of adopting and implementing a smart factory solution can appear complicated, even insurmountable. However, rapid technology changes and trends have made the shift toward more flexible, adaptive production systems almost an imperative for manufacturers who wish to either remain competitive or to disrupt their competition. By thinking big and considering the possibilities, starting small with manageable components, and scaling quickly to grow the operations, the promise and benefits of the smart factory can be realized. In this webinar, we unravel the mystery and explain the smart factory from various angles, such as:

  • Trends & challenges related to the rise of the smart factory
  • The components & technology that creates the smart factory
  • How to drive value & benefit with and from the smart factory
  • Implementing the smart factory in a strategical way

On December 2nd Dec 2021 at 2 PM (WIB/GMT+7) participants will gain knowledge and insight into the core capabilities of the smart factory they need to embrace to succeed in 2022 and beyond.


  • Aerospace MRO industry
  • Automotive and supply industries
  • Building and construction
  • Defense Industries
  • Electrical and electronics engineering
  • Engineering, contracting manufacturing and turnkey projects
  • Fine mechanics and optics
  • Ironware and pressed metal industries
  • IT and telecommunications electrical
  • Machine and apparatus construction
  • Manufacturing and processing
  • Metal components and products manufacturing
  • Metalworking, turning, and milling shops
  • Mould and die
  • Motor and vehicles
  • Pipe and wire machining and working plants


Welcome and Introductions

Kartina Lydiawati


Marketing Communications Manager

Energy & Manufacturing Series Exhibitions,

PT Pamerindo Indonesia

Tune in, sit tight, and get yourself comfortable. Hosted by PT Pamerindo Indonesia, we will highlight the webinar agenda.

Association View

Fanky Christian

Chairman of DPD,



Fanky Christian’s experiences in IT industry since 1997, established system integrator IT business since 2005 (Daya Cipta Mandiri Group) focuses on data center, cloud, and monitoring. Became APTIKNAS founder and selected as regional chairman for Jakarta area in 2017. Focus on helping companies, government-related to industry 4.0 and smart factory education and implementation since 2018.

Highlight Topic:

Demand of smart manufacturing in Indonesia since Indonesia’s government has established Making Indonesia 4.0 in 2018. How companies can start to implement smart manufacturing or smart factory, and they can focus on the first thing they can achieve.

Industry Insight

Albert Waloni

Digital Machining Manager,

Sandvik Southeast Asia & Oceania


Albert Waloni is Sandvik Coromant’s Digital Machining Manager. For over 16 years Albert has helped manufacturers optimize productivity through implementing technology solutions that drive business growth. Albert drives Sandvik’s development of the CoroPlus® portfolio which contains several solutions made ready for Industry 4.0. His expertise in manufacturing, technology development, and business enable him to understand the intricacies and big picture of manufacturing shop floors and develop solutions that help manufacturers make and validate the best decisions to improve profitability.

Highlight Topic:

“In 2019, The World Economic Forum recognized Sandvik Coromant as an Advance Industry 4.0 Digital Lighthouse.

The manufacturing industry has been struggling with losses such as: unplanned stops, planned stops, small stops, slow cycles, start-up rejects and production rejects. One of the most common metrics used to measure the losses is OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). In most cases, methods to monitor machines availability and performance to calculate OEE have been based on manual logs.

In this presentation, speaker will explore about IIOT technologies such as CoroPlus® MachiningInsights that can eliminates the tedious manual data collection and human error by using analytics and autonomous real time visualization of losses to improve the performance of your factory.“

Industry Insight

Hardhian Restu Panca Laksana

Application Engineer,

PT Eforel Citra Utama


Graduated from one reputable institute of technology, Hardhian has his skills and expertise specialized in Physics (S1) & Business management (S2). He started his career as a project engineer at PT Azbil Berca Indonesia (Yamatake), looking for more challenges, he joined PT Eforel Citra Utama as Application Engineer of IIOT where he made big contribution to expand a new business segment that offers a eforel solution with WebAccess SCADA Software.

Highlight Topic:

The presentation will explores the smart factory trends & innovation in manufacturing technologies and associated product for manufacturing in the near future. The presentation will cover promising manufacturing technology such as, advance IoT in manufacturing, and how to start implementation Iot in the Factory or Manufacturing. Digitalization of production equipment and utilities will be the main focus of the presentation.

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