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PT TYKGAS Indonesia

We are PT TYKGAS Indonesia is a company engaged in industrial gas sales, various kinds of liquid sensor products, as well as gas piping construction that continues to grow in Indonesia.

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It is a liquid type discrimination sensor with a new detection method that uses a bending-resistant optical fiber. The existing liquid leakage sensor can only judge that liquid is leaking no matter what leaks, but the liquid type discrimination sensor can discriminate the liquid type. In addition, by using an optical fiber for the detection unit, it is possible to fully support the explosion-proof area, and it is possible to use it in oil / gasoline, liquids with a risk of ignition, and places.

We also releases the uniquely developed features of Liquid Detecting Sensor using for tubings, especially convenient to use as the level sensor. Non-contact detection method with the liquid brings contamination free property against the liquids, and wide application avoiding the corrosion or chemical damage risks.

We are releases the most sophisticated Liquid Leak Sensor by its excellent experience and architecture with patented liquid detecting principal. The application of this versatile sensor has expanded to semiconductors, LCD and other many fields by the admitted high performance.