Pt Sanki Cranes Indonesia

Pt Sanki Cranes Indonesia: Leading the heavy lifting solution

PT. Sanki Cranes Indonesia was the first Japanese hoist crane manufacturing facility in Indonesia.

It is established in 2011 provided with more than 60 years of experience in Japan. PT. Sanki Cranes Indonesia produces heavy duty cranes that are designed to improve the customer’s processes by moving loads ergonomically and safely.

PT. Sanki Cranes Indonesia was the first Japanese hoist crane manufacturing facility in Indonesia. It is established in 2011 provided with more than 60 years of experience in Japan. PT. Sanki Cranes Indonesia produces heavy duty cranes that are designed to improve the customer’s processes by moving loads ergonomically and safely.

During the Manufacturing Indonesia show, International Metalworking News for Asia (IMNA) interviewed Mr Toshiyuki Nomoto, President Director of PT. Sanki Cranes Indonesia, about the company’s overview and future plans.

IMNA: Please describe the company operations and market?
Nomoto: Our company has been established in Indonesia for about three years now. The plant is located in GIIC Industrial Park, Cikarang Pusat – West Java, Indonesia operated by around 35 employees led by four Japanese executives. Our company produces hoist crane that provides our customers with equipment and services that increases their business value and efficiency. Right now, our main customers are from the automotive and manufacturing industry. Due to our Japanese background we work very closely with fellow Japanese company, such as Hitachi, Mitsubishi, and Suzuki. Right now we still focus on the local market, however starting next year we are preparing for the export market with competitive price.

IMNA: What is the latest product that you highlight in this show and the special feature of this product?
Nomoto: Our featured product in this show is BANDO Creep Hoist type. The product features with high working efficiency where speed is at a flexible option within a push of a button. During large movement the high speed can be enabled and during fine adjusting movement creep speed can be enabled. The two speed option allows a secure and efficient load hoisting even for a short distance. The trolley is equipped with geared motor of slow-start and stop until the trolley position is smoothly adjusted. Since inching operation is not required, there will be no over-current and machine mechanism is softened therefore durability is increased. This hoist is applicable for various applications from machine assembly, die matching of injection machine, die transfer, die mounting, change of jigs and tools, etc. Our company guarantees the product for one year; however the spare part guarantee lasts for 15 years.

IMNA: What is the role of R&D in PT. Sanki Cranes Indonesia?
Nomoto: Our R&D focuses on designing the cranes that meet with our customer’s requirements. We innovate in designing the crane structure that is simple, strong, and durable. Our company sees crane structure design as the most important part of our process, since it involves sophisticated and complex calculation that demand high accuracy to deliver a safe-to-use equipment. With high Japanese quality standard, we carefully designed our cranes based on a clear understanding of our customer’s goals and expectations. Our work process starts with acquaintance to our prospective customer by discussing how we can help them to solve their material movement problems. Based on the information we gathered from the discussion, we start to estimate the cost as well as the schedule for delivery. Using the confirmed information from our customer, our professional designer creates drawing for our customer’s lifting solution. Once the drawing is approved by our customer, we start the manufacturing of the crane by taking into account our customer’s goal and the delivery deadline. Prior to installation, our crane is being inspected to a standardised inspection, including hoist tests, geometrical measurements, and condition inspections. This is our commitment to provide a high quality crane for our customers. The final step is installation by our professional team that installs the crane properly while safety is our priority and it’s our commitment above all.

IMNA: What are the trends in the industry you serve that affect your service towards your customers?
Nomoto: The most important thing that our customer requires is safety; therefore it becomes our main concern. We always make sure that each unit is produced to deliver safety in material handling of our customer requirements. We also provide training for crane operators and courses on crane safety management and rigging, or other assistance according to our customer’s request.

In order to get our customer’s loyalty we are committed to provide a reliable and efficient lifting systems supported with high quality components. We expect that by using our cranes our customers can achieve a more efficient and productive output. We equip our cranes with components that ensure a smooth material movement with easy and precise material handling thus can shorten material movement. The friendly parameter setting helps to optimise the usage to reduce down time and also provide less maintenance.

After sales service also hold an important part in our business. Our expert technicians are on service to repair any problem in our customer’s unit, and we provide a planned maintenance service in accordance with our customer’s production schedule to avoid downtime and costly emergency repairs.

IMNA: How do you view the Asian region both as a market and as an investment site?
Nomoto: As a Japanese-core company, PT. Sanki Cranes Indonesia highly respected the emerging of Asian economy. In Japan, Sanki is already well-known as a leader in material handling equipment with more than 2000 customers. Indonesia is a very prospective country with the third largest population in the world and said to be the next largest economy. With the raising of the middle class, consumption goods industries are squirming to expand. We cater to those industries, and we see a big opportunity in Indonesia. That is why we are interested to invest in Indonesia. Indonesia only has around 50 crane makers among one of which is PT. Sanki Cranes Indonesia, and we see a lot of potentials in this business. With the new elected president, Joko Widodo, announcing several prospective projects, such as harbor expansion and maritime area development, we believe that we may contribute positively to these projects.

IMNA: Do you have any plans to expand your operation or market reach?
Nomoto: Since we are still a very young company, we still focus to operate in Cikarang, Indonesia. Our current market in Indonesia is mainly Japanese company and it is easier to approach a Japanese company if the headquarter in Japan has already used our products. Seeing this opportunity, we are looking for export possibility to Japan, to open new market and expand our business. We hope that if the head company in Japan knows our product’s benefit, they can recommend their affiliates in Indonesia to supply their crane from us.